Privacy Policy


1. Introduction

Here you can become familiar with the privacy policy we adhere regarding the personal data you share with us. We would like to pay your attention to the fact some aspects and particularities of privacy policy of our service can be changed without any notice to our customers. That is why you should review this information every time you use our service. We guarantee, that any personal data you share with us, for instance your name and surname or the name of your company, your address or address of your company, your private or business telephone number or e-mail address, will not be disclosed to a third party under any circumstances.

2. General Information

We do not bear responsibility for the disclosure of any private information that you share with us, for instance for what you publish or distribute on our website or with the help of our site. We would like to make emphasis on the fact that you are allowed to share information in blog on our website, this information will be fully available for the worldwide audience to see. Also we cannot ensure you, that the data you share will be safe in view of diverse unexpected reasons. For instance, we cannot foreseen and prevent any governmental actions. When you need to meet a bill for our professional services, you are free to chose any payment method you consider to be the most reliable and convenient for you. You free to use a credit card in order to make payment. We ensure you, that your credit card data will not disclosed to a third party under any circumstances. Besides all details concerning the method you prefer to make a payment with will not be disclosed to a third party, except in normal processing. We guarantee that your personal data will be safe and will not be shared in not a stipulated case, for instance, for marketing purposes.

3. Special cases in our Privacy Policy

There are special cases and situations that compel us to make exception in our privacy policy. Here we would like to indicate the circumstances when the exception is possible, they are following: In a situation when Governmental Authority makes a formal request of your identifying data. When we possess the information that is required by Governmental Authority, we would disclose it, any personally identifying information inclusively. It is easy to comprehend. We will simply perform an obligation. We would like to stress the point that it is one and the only possible situation that is described above when we can disclose your personal data. If Governmental Authority makes a formal request of personally identifying information that is important to a current or unresolved legal issue in which our customer is a potential or actual accomplice or otherwise is accessorial in some way to current or unresolved legal issue then we will share all personally identifying information required and will not create barriers for judicial power.

4. Cookies

We would like to mention that we may trace cookies. For instance, we usually do it when a user creates a personal account (this service is available at any time), but then we may trace cookies again in some other situations in order to improve the work of the services we provide, to make them functional and users friendly. In general cookies are tools which improve the use of the Internet, and specifically cookies help to make usage of a certain website and certain functions better and easier. In case you would like to turn the cookies off, you should use the settings of your browser. We would like to emphasis the fact, that cookies have nothing to do with any identifying data and in case you make a decision to turn them off your entertainment on the Internet, and on our site inclusively, may impair and simply change for the worse. In order to repair, to develop and to perfect functioning of our website, for instance servers or programming, we may use your IP address or your e-mail for more precise diagnosing and evaluation of actual upsets. Cookies help to gather recording session data, that helps to understand what preferences our visitors have, if they like our website, for instance, if they return and use our website often. Cookies provide us with important information about user customized content, besides cookies describe users’ tracking data such as a browser or a screen type. We would like to mention that all the information that we collect we use to improve our services and make the usage of our website more convenient for our visitors, none of the mentioned information will be disclosed to a third party under any circumstances. Other kind of data we gather is tracking and review, we archive this information for contacting purposes. We also use the data we collect to provide our users with custom content. 

5. Further Information

We will not disclosure the contacts you share with us to any third party so that it could get in touch with you per telephone or e-mail, moreover we do not send you any unsolicited e-mails to our customers. You can have access to the homepage of our website without sharing your personal data. In accordance with the rules we adhere some pages on our website and services we provide are available only for registered members. You should complete a registration form, provide us with required information, answer to the questions clearly and precisely, note, that data you mention should be up to date. We will gather data about our visitor’s and registered users activity, their internet protocol addresses and process it in order to have any useful information for potential investors, partners and customers or for other purposes that may improve or promote our website or for business purposes in general. We would like to pay your attention to the fact, that such information has no personally identifiable character. We do not purposely gather personal data or data from minors. We have created a security policy, strict rules and technical operations to protect and to control all the personal data our customers share with us. The security policy, strict rules and technical operations guarantee the protection of personal information of our customers from improper use, unauthorized change or access, disclosure or unforeseen loss. However, we want you to comprehend that no security policy, rule or technical operation will provide you with absolutely confidence and will not protect you personal data from improper use, unauthorized change or access, disclosure or unforeseen loss. Each and every member of our team who has access to the personal data of our customers adheres to the strict confidentiality policy rules and is obliged to have respectful attitude towards users’ personal information. Our data bank may include confidential information concerning you or your personal interaction with a third party. We do our best to create a security system in accordance with required standards that will provide our customers with 100% guarantee of confidentiality. That is why we insist that if you find yourself in a situation when any of confidential information is out of your control, and you comprehend that it may do you or our company harm, you should let us know without delay. In case you do not adhere to the confidentiality policy rules, you agree to indemnify us agains any damages and costs.

6. Further Data Collection

We may gather any data about users’ visits and pages they visit, in other words general tracking on our website. We also may gather and use the data about services the visitors of our website use. Any details you share with us completing a registration form, or any other information you share on our website may be used for the purposes that are described precisely above. In case you have any concerns, questions or comments regarding our privacy and security policy, technical operations we use to protect and to control all the identifying data our users share with us, please get in touch with us.

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