Refund Policy

refund provides its customers with 100% Money Back Guarantee. We would like to pay your attention to the fact that our refund policy is valid within a time period of thirty days from the day you made a payment. Any refund requests that will be done beyond above mentioned time frame will not be excepted and processed. Any redeliveries are possible within the sixty days period without any possible exceptions. We ask you to comprehend that lifetime money back guarantee is not possible.

You have a right to use money back guarantee in under circumstances, that are given below:

1. In case cannot complete your order within the timeframe that was previously discussed and fixed in a proper way and in accordance with all the standard that are indicated on the website of the company.

2. In case has not started to complete your order yet. bares no responsibilities for wrong or deluded information that may link to the website of the company concerning money back guarantee and refund policy. bares no responsibilities and have no control over self-determining reviews concerning any web content that is found somewhere on the Internet outside the website of the company bares no responsibilities for banned accounts of its customers.

In case you have purchased any of services we provide, and you are absolutely disappointed and fully unsatisfied with what you get, in case you think that you have wasted your money, because you have not got what you were expecting, we are ready to discuss it with you and find out what exactly is wrong. If there is a mistake a company should bare responsibilities, we will definitely do it.

Please get in touch with our customer support team that works round the clock seven days a week for you. You should indicate that you are interested in money back guarantee. Any constructive feedback is of a greet importance for us. We will take into account all you thought and ideas, preferences and requirement. We will do our best to improve our work and our services and to make our customers fully delighted.

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