Use Instagram to increase traffic on your website

Instagram has become a real phenomena in the modern society lately, it provides its users with a great amount of diverse options, each and every of them has a lot of obvious advantages you should not ignore in case you would like to increase traffic on your website and generate more leads for your business. There are over three hundred million active users on the site, who are young and successful, besides the users of Instagram are wealthier than users of other social networks. Instagram has become an integral part not only of our private but also of our social life. A great amount of people prefer to purchase online nowadays. Instagram is really popular because it offers both products and services online. It has become a place where people from all over the globe are ready and capable of purchasing the things and services they need and like immediately with the help of their mobile devices.

Instagram provides its users with information of a current interest about new services and products. And it also provides every user with opportunity to share his own information with people from all over the world, to put it simply, you are free to get and to give by yourself on the same mobile platform at the same time. With the help of Instagram you can advertise products and services, promote your brand and catch more and more customers without spending a lot of time, effort and without any financial damage. There are tips for you below how use Instagram to to increase traffic on your website and gain more leads.


If you want your post to be noticed you should chose a number of appropriate hashtags. Right hashtags are of a great importance. If you want to make sure of this fact, take a look at the most popular accounts of Instagram. In order to chose right and appropriate hashtags, make a research and take a look at the accounts of the leading brands in a certain sphere. But also try to create your own ones that will characterize exactly your brand, that will make it special and recognizable. Do not be afraid to express your ideas! Do your best to daze! Be creative, try again and again and be attentive to the reaction and feedback you get from your followers. If you want your brand to stand out, make sure that you share right photos with right hashtags.


Instagram has lately developed and improved option to post a video. Now you are allowed to download a video that length is from 3 to 60 seconds. It is much better, than it is used be. 60 second is pretty enough to share with your followers an interesting and entertaining story to advertise certain products and services and to share any information of a current interest. Videos make interaction with your customers more vivid and fruitful. Do not forget to use right hashtags in order to attract interest and get more views.


It is very important, that each and every customer feels himself/herself special and important, that is why responses you give to your customers should be valuable. Unfortunately, there is a great amount of spammers on Instagram, who prevent proper interaction with your clients. In order to avoid any misunderstanding and not to offend or to lose your customers, you should be very attentive and careful about what and how you say to other users. Always bare in mind that you are dealing with real people, who need responses. You should not consider your followers to be only a source of income.


Above all Instagram is photos sharing app, it is based on visual perception of the information, that is why each and every photo you post should be of good quality and unusual. In case you want to attract attention of other users you should be creative. It is up to you, whether you get free images from the Internet or you go to paid websites that will provide you with a broader range of images for a certain price. You are also free to use your own photos. Additionally, you can write different quotes on the photos you share. The images in your profile should describe and explain what your business is about. This will definitely help you connect with your customers and to attract new ones.


Instagram provides its uses with very important strategic option to share a link. Remember that you can share only a single link in your profile on Instagram, so before you do it, think twice and make a wise decision. Think about currently central goal of your company and chose a link in accordance with it. If you hesitate what exactly it should be, take a look at profiles of the leading companies in a certain field.
Do not forget to follow users who you think may be interested in what you are offering.
Instagram has become a powerful tool in business in modern society. It offers a range of diverse services that give a possibility to everyone to make a real success of the things he/she does. Do not ignore the things you can benefit from so easily! Use Instagram in a proper way and you will increase traffic on your website and your leads.