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Instagram never stays the same, this photo sharing mobile app has been always developing and improving! Instagram keeps on performing new options. In February 2016 a new feature Instagram video views was introduced. Read More >> It is to mention that the option to post a video has been developed considerably lately. Previously users of Instagram used to content with option to post a video that maximum length was 15 seconds. Now it is available to post a video which length is from 3 to 60 seconds. It gives a possibility to share an entertaining and enthralling, informative, interesting and complete story with your followers. The developers of Instagram never stop to impress its users. They do their best so that Instagram is always considered to be innovative and progressive app. People in the modern society are willing to go with the times, that is why they like the concept and the police of Instagram. Today if you have posted a video in your profile on Instagram, a view counter will appear. There a number of users who have visited your page and watched a certain video will be displayed. The feature is relevant new that is why view counter will appear only below videos that were uploaded not earlier than on 19 November 2015. Also it is important to mention that a video’s view count displays the views from the mobile app only. Video’s view count completely differs from likes, moreover they do nor replace one another. First of all, you still cannot find how many people have seen your photo, you can only see the number of likes. The level of popularity of a certain Instagram profile is still determined by the number of likes and followers. It means that you still need a considerable amount of likes on your videos to make them interesting and appealing for other users. The number of likes you get on the photos and videos you share can be seen both on the web- and mobile app versions.